The Guide to Pre-Paid Legal Services in the UK

Legal Services GuidePre-paid legal services in the UK are a great way to get timely assistance and guaranteed legal protection anytime. The most important feature of this type of service is that these types of legal services are affordable. Imagine paying a legal plan that is just within your budget. You have legal representation from a high-quality law firm and you don’t really need to spend a fortune. By paying up-front for the service, you can often save money on any ongoing expenses incurred during a drawn out case. You may be expected to cover costs which fall outside the scope of your pre-paid package, but in 99% of cases the legal services are covered. In many ways, paying for your legal expenses in this way provides a form of legal expense insurance.

Types of Pre-Paid Legal Services

Law firms that offer pre-paid legal plans provide equal and guaranteed access to justice for everyone. Some of the major legal services that you can get when you purchase this type of plan include:

  • Divorce

DivorceEveryone deserves legal representative and assistance in filing their divorce. A lot of marriage comes to an end and without proper legal protection, any or both parties could end up with devastating agreements and not so amicable settlements. Pre-paid legal services for divorce cases include legal advice for settlement of properties and funds after the divorce. Other law firms offer child’s custody consultation and service in their package.

  • Bankruptcy

BankruptcyLegal experts in various types of bankruptcy offer their services as part of the pre-paid legal plan. Being bankrupt is the legal status that offers protection to the person that filed bankruptcy. The borrower is no longer going to face a lifelong debt upon filing. The legal representative of the borrower is contacted. There will be an agreement between the involved parties that would be beneficial to everyone.

  • Last Will

Last WillGet a pre-paid legal service if you need assistance to make your last will. A legal will is a legal document that designates charities or individuals to receive your assets such as money and property after your death. The person that executes the last will also name the guardian that you designate for a care of a minor child. The last will accordingly distributes your assets without submitting to the default laws of the UK state.

  • Trademark

TrademarkPre-paid legal plans may also include trademark searches for the client. Legal representatives help you protect your company’s unique assets or trademarks, intellectual properties, and the likes. Trademark attorneys specialize in strategies and steps that facilitate the registration of your trademark. This means your company logo, name, and other distinct features are protected from getting copied or pirated.

  • Personal Injury

Personal InjuryOne of the most common legal services included in pre-paid legal plans is for personal injury cases. This type of case is a sensitive one. The key to getting a favourable settlement for personal injury cases is to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Legal attorneys that specialize in personal injury cases expertly negotiate with a third party and insurance provider in order to claim the best compensation for you.

  • Medical/Dental/Health Negligence

Medical/Dental/Health NegligenceGet legal assistance for cases that involve medical malpractice and negligence. Pre-paid legal attorneys help you practice your rights and get the right compensation for it.

Key Benefits of Pre-Paid Legal Services

BenefitsA pre-paid legal plan in the UK offers plan owners unlimited legal advice and consultation. Now you have access to legal expertise without worrying about the costly legal fees. All you have to do is get a pre-paid legal plan. The legal attorney assigned to your case also reviews and prepares your contract and document before the next legal step. The lawyer explains in details the fine prints of your contract. This includes giving the meaning of complex legal jargon and terms.

Pre-paid legal services serve as your round the clock legal protection. You enjoy 100% peace of mind because you know that you have legal access and representation any time of the day or night.

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