5 things you must know before writing your last will

Planning to write your last will is a smart move to protect your family financially after you are gone. An unexpected event can happen at any time in life. So, it is better to write down your will when there is still time. Here are five things you should consider before writing down your final will.

1. Know your state’s laws for writing wills

Every state has a different law. So, you should sit with an attorney in your area. There must be witness signatures, and the will must be notarized.  Some states accept handwritten wills, whereas the others don’t. You should strictly follow your state’s criteria so that you don’t have to spend time and money on court proceedings later on.

2. Decide who will be responsible for minor children

If you have kids who are minor, then it is important to determine who will take care of the children after you pass away. If one parent dies, the other parent takes care of the child. But if both parents die or if one parent is unfit to look after the child, then the court needs to decide on the child’s custody. As a parent, you can nominate a guardian to care for your child in your absence.

3. Determine who the beneficiaries are

There must be a beneficiary for everything in the will. In some families, there may be multiple beneficiaries. Life of a person can change anytime. If you plan for the unforeseen events, then it will be possible to carry out your last wishes.

4. Decide on the executor

You should assign an executor to carry out the tasks according to your last will. You should choose someone you can trust with these sensitive and personal tasks.

5. Choose the methods of writing will

You can write wills in various ways. It is best to hire an attorney for the job. This way, you can make sure that your will is legally valid, and it will be carried out according to your wishes. You can also pay for an online service. There are DIY will making software that can be used as well.

If you are thinking of writing a will, it is recommended that you find a good attorney to guide you. Last will is very sensitive and important; you should write down the will with perfection.

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