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Pre-Paid Legal is providing equal justice for all. Having access to an attorney shouldn't be a luxury, but at $200 dollars or more an hour, it is. That's why we are making legal services accessible to everyone.
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Child Custody Issues
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Contract Reviews
Identity Theft
Insurance Claims
Preparation of Will
Property Dispute
Real Estate
Separation or Divorce

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USA Today: Pre-Paid Legal announces 1 MILLION MEMBERS in USA Today!

bullet Identity Theft
bullet Elder Abuse
bullet Tenant/Landlord Real Estate
bullet Insurance Claims
bullet Bankruptcy & Debt
bullet DUI
bullet Business Law
bullet Traffic Violations
bullet Consumer Law
bullet Personal Injury
bullet Discrimination
bullet Defamation
bullet Sexual Harassment
bullet Workmen's Comp
bullet Estate Planning
bullet Auto Accidents
bullet Will Preparation
bullet Home Accidents
bullet Family Law bullet Employment Law
bullet Child Custody bullet Wrongful Termination
bullet Child Support
bullet Copyright
bullet Divorce
bullet Trademark
bullet Legal Separation
bullet Patent
bullet Adoption bullet and more!

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